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Child Support & Outdated Financial Information

When you are seeking an award of child support or a modification of child support make sure that the court is relying on updated financial information.  This is because, if the court is relying on outdated financials to calculate child support, your award of child support may be reversed.  For instance, recently In Santos v. Santos, the parties filed petitions to modify the child support plan.  In modifying the child support, the trial court relied on financial affidavits from the original dissolution instead of the updated affidavits filed in connection with the modification petitions.  See Santos v. Santos, 40 Fla. L. Weekly D1057a (Fla. 2d DCA, May 6, 2015).  As a result, the trial court relied on outdated financial affidavits to calculate child support.  Id. The Second District recognized that the use of this outdated financial information in calculating child support was reversible error and thus reversed the final judgment with respect to the child support modification. Id.